Monday, April 30, 2007


I have been comissioned by a friend of mine, Steve Wilkinson, to paint a picture for his wife Quisha. This was a huge project, the painting is 5' x 3' on canvas. Steve picked the subject matter and the color and I came up with the creative style and balance of the piece. I normally would take a month or two to develop a painting, but this was a suprise birthday present for Quisha and I had to complete this piece in 3 weeks. Buy supplies, create painting, paint, get the picture photographed, and get the painting shipped to Kansas. It was quite the project. Quite fun.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


These 2 pieces were commisioned by MPI of Utah. They needed a Dragon for their Save the Date, Invitations, and Programs for their Chinese Auction. I created the second Dragon by pencil drawing it then scanning it into Photoshop and coloring it in the computer.
The first Dragon was a piece I did for their silent auction, it is a 10" x 14" acrylic painting on canvas. I donated both pieces for charity, the auction benefits the Make A Wish foundation.