Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Homework Assignment #2 Returned

Homework #2 has been returned!!! I used my good friend Elledge Bowers as my model..Thank you Elledge. and the results were very good.

Joe Kubert himself is correcting my homework.. I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE IT!! I get a feel from his comments he sees real potential and wants me to succeed! I am so excited to start the next piece. Enjoy the wonderful constructive criticisms of a master artist.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

American Express Project

I was approached by our marketing team here at O.C.Tanner to help create some files for a presentation of American Express. They wanted the O.C. team to be turned into SUPERHEROES to show their Heroic dedication to the Am Ex project. it was put into a slide show and presented to the Heads of American Express.
Each image shows the picture I used, the pencil sketch, the Illustrator image I turned them into and then the superhero bodies I put them on. I colored them all in Photoshop. The bodies (well all but two ) were created on a fun little web site called
UGO the website if you make your own superhero is, http://www.ugo.com/channels/comics/heromachine2/heroMachine2.asp , and then I hand colored them in Photoshop.
I was approached on Tuesday and had to have the entire thing ready to go Monday morning, along with access cards for the team to access there awards for working hard.

The background was created in Illustrator using live trace.