Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Toy Hunter / Wolverine

With the new Wolverine movie coming out I designed my Toy Hunter logo around the movie logo, which is directly below.


One of my hardest challenges and also one of my favorite projects here at OC was to recreate our stone library to make it look more realistic. I took photos off the internet and used them to recreate all our stone, and there are a lot..these are only a few.

Ruby's and Garnets

Princess Cut Diamonds

and of course regular Round Diamonds

Here are some of the old stones and the new stones I have created, mind you these are all vector images that have been created in illustrator. The entire stone library I created (over 20 stones )
took close to a year to perfect, and in my opinion I can probably build them a little tighter.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What I do everyday.

I have never blogged about what I do here at OC.I develop processes for new illustration, and continue to improve current processes we currently have. I find new ways to illustrate our product for a WOW effect to dazzle the client. Here are some examples of my work here at OC.

The top illustration is the old way of showing artwork to clients when I arrived here and it was my job to develop new ways of displaying artwork, so the one below it is the new process I developed using Illustrator and Photoshop to create the effect I needed.

The next couple images are recreating how we do 3-D illustration, they used to do flat 3-D and I have helped develop a Photo-realistic effect to make our illustration look great.

So that is what I do 8 hours a day..oh and I go to a lot of meetings and put out a ton of fires, and every now and then I help the artists here do some creative work.