Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Well my favorite holiday is upon us. Thanksgiving! It is a holiday when family gets together and just has a great time... the smell of everything cooking in the kitchen and the nieces and nephews running around.. the game on T.V. and yes I do wish I had a glass of wine in my hand .... but maybe one day when I hold Thanksgiving at my house that dream will come true.

This Illustration was inspired by a story Roger ( my step father ) told years ago around the dinner table, about a group of astronauts that came to a planet and the inhabitants were giants that captured them all and boiled them and ate them for a feast.. then kept the remaining astronauts around and bred them so they would always have them for dinner every year...
the joke being that the astronauts were from a Turkey planet and we were the giants... that is Roger's sense of humor for ya... funny stuff.

Graphite on Paper 8.5" x 11"

Desert Star Back Drops

I was approached by the Desert Star Theater to create some backdrops for them like I did in 2008 fo rtheir show "Wizard of Odd". This year it was for "The Bi-Polar Express"
These drops have to be done in a very short turnaround process, 4 weeks altogether.
1 week of comps and brainstorming to get the feel for the drops they want. Now these drops had existing drops that were painted by hand and now they have a set for their dinner theater also, so they can run the show in both theaters at the same time.

They needed a drop to look like the interior of a train car with section in the windows that they will cut out.

This drop was hard because of all the toys and trying to get them to look like they were all individually painted... which they are but you really have to see the detail of the drop to see the painting effect, from a distance they look very picturesque.

This drop was the funnest one to just was really easy and I had fun with it.. of course it was the one that went the fastest.
Each drop took about a week to do and they turned out well. It is a project that could use a lot more time, but time is not an option I have as a freelance artist

Digital Art done in Illustrator and Photoshop CS5

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

YOGA Sketch

I am going to try to hit up again.. but this time I am going to try this sketch. The word Yoga illustrated in people doing Yoga positions.
So this is the basic premise, I will put this into Illustrator and make it a nice tight vector image for shirts... I hope this one works.
Graphite on paper.