Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Punisher Toy Hunter Title

There is a new Marvel movie coming out called Punisher:War Zone, I am very excited about this movie and in honor of it I have made a new Toy Hunter Title and I am going to change my page to reflectthe new movie...check it out. toyhunter.blogspot.com

Friday, August 01, 2008

Art from the San Diego Comic Convention 2008 #1

Well the San Diego Comic Convention ended last week and it was a blast. I went for 5 days, I went for business and pleasure I got both. I went to the portfolio review booths and showed my work to professional and I had such good feedback I was reviewed by Hasbro and Dark Horse Comics and they both were so kind and had great words about my art they took my sample books and gave me great tips to work on so maybe I can get some professional work. Here I am at the Dark Horse review with Chris Warner senior editor, he liked my work but wanted to see a more variety in my people and city scenes..I am going to do some work and go again next year.

Below is the pleasure part of of the Con, I got ot meet several professionals that I have wanted to meet for a long time...check out the next few entries below for details.

Art from the San Diego Comic Convention 2008 #2

Here is one of my favorite comic book artists Travis Charest, he is a genius, his attention to detail and his line work is simply beautiful, he signed my Wild C.A.T.S #1 and he was selling a small book that he signed also.

Here is David Finch his artwork is simply crazy he is wild in his line form but he can put so much in one frame and still make it look so tight! He was really nice and he signed a book of his sketches I bought also, great guy. He also signed my Aphrodite 9 #1 & #2.

Art from the San Diego Comic Convention 2008 #3

This is J. Scott Campbell who I have admired since his first full book Gen13. He was great and very personable, he looked at my sample book said he liked a lot of the illustrations. He signed my Gen13 #1 and Spider-Man #30.

Here is Darwyn Cooke a great artist who illustrates in a classic style of the 40's and 50's he waas really nice also talk to me for a few minutes. He signed my Catwoman #1.