Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Star Wars Snowflakes

Today I found a great creative project STAR WARS CHRISTMAS SNOWFLAKES!! 
I did a Darth Vader one

Have fun and a very Menry Christmas!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 6

This latest study took me a bit longer than a week, but I wanted to show the process of these sketches. I first find my subject matter, I try to find subject that will challenge me. 
This subject was a gorilla. 

I start with a blue line sketch to get proportions and shape down, at this stage I can change my drawing quite a bit.

I then take my graphite pencil and go over the highest detailed parts, and shadows can be filled in with ink and do not need to be filled in with pencil.

I then copy the pencil (and the blue line does not re replicate on a regular xerox so I just have a faint pencil sketch to go over with ink. I have been using Uni-Ball pens and sharpie to see how challenging the sketch can become.

This is my finished sketch, and I have several versions I can add to a portfolio.

Art is a challenge, I love being an artist and I hope you all keep challenging yourselves as well.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 5

Another Instagram photo turned into a sketch. 
This photographer just takes photos of his wife and posts them, they are done so well, if you are on Instagram follow kirishoru he does wonderful work.

These are just sketches in my sketchbook.

Pencil on paper

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 4

I have become a fan of Instagram on my iPhone and while finding incredible artists and photographers I came across this amazing set of pictures a random photographer takes. rydenbunny is her handle on IG so if you use the app look her up.

I asked her if I could have permission to sketch some of her photographs and she was very happy to say yes, you will see my sketches of her photos peppered now on through out this blog. She is amazing.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Week 3

Well technically in is not the third week.. but it is my third desk drawing.
This is the Amazon Horned Toad, I loved his face and how serious he looks... the technical part of this drawing was making his skin have the semi scaly feel of a frog with using only an ink pen.
He turned out well.

Pen on Paper

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 2


This cute little guy is a Brussels Griffon he is the pride and joy of my friend Holly Jo.... I absolutely love his face.

This drawing was a nice challenge, drawing fur is always complex and with a pen it is a challenge to get the shading correct. I had fun drawing this little Chunky Monkey.

Pen on Paper

Week 1

I felt that I had been losing a little bit of my focus on art with so much going on in life so I set up my desk at work to be a drafting table and told myself to try to do a drawing a week... TRY being the key word.

Here is the first weeks drawing, a Humbolt Squid, I have an obsession with drawing tentacles...they riddle my sketch books and work station.... I have no idea where the need to draw them comes from.... but they are fun.

Pen on Paper

Friday, July 01, 2011

Utah FM Benefit Poster

I was commissioned by local DJ Angie Jantz to illustrate a spoof of Hot Shots part Duex for their annual benefit concert. I did the stations poster last year and this year they wanted to have a very funny image to promote the event.
I did a photo Illustration in photoshop of Charlie Sheen's WINNING face over the old Hot Shot's Part Deux movie poster... surprisingly he hasn't changed that much.

Photo Illustration / Photoshop

Monday, April 25, 2011

Homework Assignment #3 Returned

I am always happy when assignments come back and the critique gets less and less and the teacher says " Great work!" instead of..."You still need to work on this, this, and this...."
and that is what this assignment was... he really liked almost all of my panels... this is a storytelling class so I need to work a little harder at conveying the STORY rather than just impressing them with detailed art.

But I am extremely happy that the classes are coming along.. I just need ot get the next assignment in a little quicker.

Graphite on Bristol

Monday, April 11, 2011

Homework Assignment #3

Well I am so glad this is a "take your time" course...because this one took awhile... not that the assignment was hard, but life happened.... a lot of it.
This assignment was to show the ability to draw monsters and tell a story...
I know my monster isn't to scary but I like it.