Thursday, July 14, 2011

Week 2


This cute little guy is a Brussels Griffon he is the pride and joy of my friend Holly Jo.... I absolutely love his face.

This drawing was a nice challenge, drawing fur is always complex and with a pen it is a challenge to get the shading correct. I had fun drawing this little Chunky Monkey.

Pen on Paper

Week 1

I felt that I had been losing a little bit of my focus on art with so much going on in life so I set up my desk at work to be a drafting table and told myself to try to do a drawing a week... TRY being the key word.

Here is the first weeks drawing, a Humbolt Squid, I have an obsession with drawing tentacles...they riddle my sketch books and work station.... I have no idea where the need to draw them comes from.... but they are fun.

Pen on Paper

Friday, July 01, 2011

Utah FM Benefit Poster

I was commissioned by local DJ Angie Jantz to illustrate a spoof of Hot Shots part Duex for their annual benefit concert. I did the stations poster last year and this year they wanted to have a very funny image to promote the event.
I did a photo Illustration in photoshop of Charlie Sheen's WINNING face over the old Hot Shot's Part Deux movie poster... surprisingly he hasn't changed that much.

Photo Illustration / Photoshop