Monday, April 19, 2010

LOST's Island

So I was sitting on my couch watching the greatest show on earth... LOST!!! And I got to thinking.. "Hmm.. I see some very close similarities to another T.V. show I used to watch" and so 'We are all LOST' was born.

Done in graphite of 11"X 17" Bristol - A mix of LOST / Gilligan's Island-The Minnow in the back ground reflecting Oceanic 815, Ginger and Mary-Ann replaced by Kate and Juliette... Sun and Jin as Thurston and Lovey...Sawyer as The Professor and Jack and John Locke as Gilligan and the Skipper.This is a color version of the drawing. I colored it in Photoshop and submitted it to
vote for my drawing and if enough people do they will print it on a t-shirt!!!
So go vote NOW!!!

If the end of the show they run across the Minnow sitting in a Lagoon.... just know I called it.

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