Monday, May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta 1928-2010

As a boy my father had a set of books by a fantasy artist named Frank Frazetta. I loved these books, strong muscular men battling with axes and swords and sexy curvaceous woman that were dominant and seductive.
These books were my first step into a bigger world of fantasy art, I loved turning every page and absorbing every detail, the colors and the detail in the armor and weapons, and of course his power understanding of the human anatomy.

Today he died at 82. He is one of the men I had wished I could have met, I would hope he was making a special appearance at the Comic Conventions I attended, I had even thought of taking a trip to his estate to see if I could meet him, but never did. His paintings inspired me to become an artist and to love art in a way so few do... through the eyes of a child. I will always look at his art in wonderment and aspire to create something as great as he did. Thank you Frank for making me the artist I am today.

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Elledge said...

I am sad about this as well. His work was and is very inspirational to me as an artist too. He will be missed but will live on in memory and books and the walls of his fans. Thanks for this homage to the great Frank Frazetta!